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Company Introduction

Company Introduction



UTOpharm(Shanghai) Co., LTD.                            




UTOpharm is a professional high-tech company that specializes in researching, manufacturing and selling of API, intermediates and pharmaceuticals. Our company has been authorized to engage in the import and export business.

UTOpharm has made great achievements in fields of pharmaceutical and fine chemical by UTOpharm’s experienced and creative chemists with strong background in drug development. Our company has extensive experience in setting the standard of API and pharmaceuticals, conducting pre-clinical research of innovative drugs and generic drugs, applying for drug clinical research and assisting domestic pharmaceutical companies in registration of drugs. UTOpharm has successfully developed a special Photochemical platform, which helped us realize the commercial production of a series of products involving photochemical reactions, such as Dydrogesterone, VD2, VD3, Nicergoline, etc. UTOpharm
is good at process route design, new crystal form development. So far, we has obtained twenty domestic and foreign patents.


UTOpharm’s laboratory in Shanghai is able to perform up to kilogram level experiments, by equipping various synthesizing instruments with size from 0.1L to 50L. The laboratory also has 3 sets of HPLC and 1 sets of GC to guarantee product quality. UTOpharm production base is located in Bengbu City, Anhui Province, covering an area of more than 6000 square meters in which is equipped with a variety of equipments(1-5000L), and low–temperature reaction kettles (500L, -70℃) and hydrogen reactors (500L, 11mPa), which can satisfy a variety of chemical reaction from small-scale tests, pilot experimentsand scale up production. Meanwhile, our company is equipped with many analytical devices, such as HPLCs and GC. Our production base is fully built with GMP standards, which is expected to be completed next year.


UTOpharm lays great emphasis on the customer's demands and regards customer satisfaction as its priority all the time. Furthermore, UTOpharm is endeavored in establishing long-term, various, and mutual-benefit cooperation with companies worldwide.


Basic Activities on:

Pre-clinical research of innovative drugs and generic drugs;   

Contract research;   

Contract synthesis;

New dosage form


Registration of drugs

Contract manufacturing; 

Optimization of synthesis process








Competitive products:

Dydrogesterone, Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3, Nicergoline, Ivabradine HClUlipristal AcetateTolvaptanPrasugrelLicofeloneRasagiline MesylateSitafloxacin and their intermediates

UTOpharm’s philosophy:

Excellence                      Exploitation                    Innovation

优秀                开拓               创新

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