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       Shanghai Youtuo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Youtuo") adheres to the principles of "people-oriented, common development of enterprises and employees" and "employing talents", regards talents as the foundation of enterprise development, adheres to the concept that development is the hard truth and talents are the hard guarantee, advocates a positive corporate culture, and creates a culture of respecting knowledge and talents A good working environment for selecting talents and making good use of them, constantly improve the talent absorption, training, selection, allocation, use, incentive and guarantee mechanism, strengthen the scientific management of talents, take the road of "strengthening the enterprise with talents", and enhance the company's core competitiveness in the market;
        Every employee entering Shanghai Youtuo should have the following common characteristics: honesty, dedication, diligence, studious, good communication skills and strong team spirit;

【talent strategy】
       Talents are the "first resource" of the enterprise. We adhere to the talent concept of "condensing talents with culture, motivating talents with salary, retaining talents with mechanism and cultivating talents with career", take integrity, responsibility, innovation, dedication and unity and cooperation as the enterprise values, advocate honesty and communication, respect knowledge, respect personality and be compatible with different cultures;
Talent management policy
       Respect people, cultivate people, achieve people, adapt their job to their ability, give full play to their talents, combine employees' personal career planning with the development of the company, and the common growth of the company and employees is our core value;
【Salary system】
       Adhering to the principle of distribution according to work, we work more and get more, work less and get less. We can't work without work. According to the comprehensive evaluation of employees' position, ability, responsibility, contribution and attitude, we establish a salary incentive mechanism based on position salary and performance salary, verify employees' position salary according to different position responsibility requirements, industry market and other factors, and take work performance Verify employee performance salary such as value contribution;
【Welfare system】
       The company is actively committed to the continuous improvement of employee welfare and provides perfect welfare projects and diversified welfare schemes on the basis of establishing various basic social security and welfare; At the same time, the company has been committed to creating a good working atmosphere and continuously improving employee satisfaction;
【Training development】
       The company has formulated perfect training plans and promotion channels, and provided different forms of training for employees at different levels by establishing and improving internal and external training systems;

        To sum up, Shanghai Youtuo uses its corporate purpose and culture, achievements and opportunities, employment mechanism and treatment to attract and attract high-quality talents with both political integrity and talent. As a high-speed growing science and technology enterprise, we need a large number of talents to create brilliance with us. Welcome to join us!
        We will determine a reasonable talent structure according to the strategies and objectives in different periods. We pay attention to people's quality, potential, character and experience in recruitment and employment. Detailed recruitment information has been published on the following recruitment website. Please click to read it or send it online through this website. We will contact you in time;

       Recruitment website 1: UTO official website
        Recruitment website 2:
        Recruitment website 3: boss direct employment network

       We always believe that enterprises are made up of people. Only enterprises with the best talents can win in the competition!

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