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Drug registration manager

Drug registration manager

Drug registration manager

(Summary description)


【Duty station】Shanghai
【Number of recruits】2
【Job description】
1. Formulate product registration project plan, implement and be responsible for product registration and consulting, including new product registration, data change of listed products and other related work;
2. Track and manage the project progress to ensure that the test is completed within the specified time;
3. Write and review drug registration application materials, and ensure to complete the application within the specified time;
4. Track and promote the review and approval process of the declared varieties, and timely solve or feed back the problems in the process;
5. Timely capture, feed back and interpret the registration policy and product declaration information, and provide suggestions for the company's decision-making.
【Job requirements】

1. More than years of relevant working experience, familiar with and master relevant laws and regulations and technical guidelines such as drug management and registration, and understand national drug registration regulations and guidelines;
2. Familiar with drug registration and declaration process and all links, familiar with the writing of declaration materials and the ability to review declaration materials;
3. Strong drug registration information retrieval, analysis and research ability, good project operation ability, and experience and ideas to solve problems;
4. Strong sense of responsibility, strong communication skills, independent working ability and teamwork ability.



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