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Head of drug analysis

Head of drug analysis

Head of drug analysis

(Summary description)


【Duty station】Shanghai
【Number of recruits】5
【Job description】
1. Coordinate the project R & D Progress of the Department;
2. Establish a drug quality management system and coordinate the product inspection and testing of API factories;
【Job requirements】

1. Bachelor degree or above, with good professional ethics and sense of responsibility;
2. At least 5 years working experience in quality research and development of new drugs or generic drugs, familiar with and have successful experience in completing 2 or more complete generic drug research and CTD data sorting and application;
3. Good at learning, strong adaptability, able to skillfully solve problems encountered in work;
4. Be familiar with the latest new drug policy, familiar with generic drug development, consistency evaluation of solid preparations, MAH, and standardize experimental records;
5. Obey the work arrangement of superior leaders.



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