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Director of API workshop

Director of API workshop

Director of API workshop

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【Duty station】Bengbu, Anhui
【Number of recruits】1
【Job description】
1) Project preparation period:
1. Participate in the design, construction and acceptance of the plant workshop, participate in the overall project planning and management, and provide corresponding professional technical support in the design and construction stage;
2. Assist in team formation, responsible for handover and acceptance after factory acceptance;
3. Assist in the acceptance and evaluation of plant safety and environment.
2) After project completion:
1. Participate in the formulation of the company's development strategy and annual business plan, and organize the formulation and implementation of production planning;
2. Comprehensively manage the work of the company's production system to ensure the safe and effective operation of the production management system;
3. Organize, supervise, control and prepare various process, quality, equipment, cost and output indicators in the production process;
4. Lead the establishment and improvement of quality management system, organize the implementation, supervise and inspect the operation of production quality system;
5. Responsible for production equipment management, production process and promoting new process implementation standards;
6. Optimize personnel allocation, improve personnel quality and improve production efficiency;
7. Be responsible for reviewing the company's safety production management system, supervising the safety production education of employees, and regularly checking the implementation of safety production of relevant departments to avoid safety accidents.
【Job requirements】

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacy, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and related;
2. More than 10 years of relevant working experience in API production, more than 5 years of operation and management experience in the same position, practical operation experience in production operation and cost control and plant construction experience are preferred;
3. Understand the development trend of pharmaceutical industry and be familiar with GMP and FDA production management;
4. Familiar with domestic and foreign drug management laws and regulations, rich experience in GMP / FDA certification and inspection, and experienced official and customer GMP audit at home and abroad;
5. Diligent, dedicated, strong communication and coordination skills, with excellent team organization and leadership skills.
6. Good professional ethics.



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