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Group leader of API workshop

Group leader of API workshop

Group leader of API workshop

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【Duty station】Bengbu, Anhui
【Number of recruits】3
【Job description】
1. Be responsible for the safety, environmental protection and GMP management in the production of the team, and organize the morning meeting and other meetings of the team;
2. Be responsible for the attendance, discipline implementation, work scheduling, daily code of conduct and other management of team members;
3. Be responsible for all preparations and inspections before production, quality control during production, and timely report abnormal conditions;
4. Supervise and inspect the cleaning and disinfection of production site, equipment and production containers and instruments;
5. Other work tasks arranged by the workshop.
【Job requirements】

1. Technical secondary school or above, major in chemistry, chemical engineering and pharmacy;
2. At least 2 years grass-roots management experience in API or chemical production;
3. Good communication skills, serious and responsible work, strong execution;
4. Be able to adapt to daily production shifts and accept necessary overtime.


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