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Analysis Center

Analysis Center

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UTO pharmaceutical has an independent analysis and R & D laboratory equipped with advanced analysis equipment. The analysis and R & D team is composed of R & D personnel and professionals with rich project development experience to ensure strong support for API and drug preparation analysis and quality research and meet the needs of customers. Our analytical R & D services include but are not limited to:
Chemical and pharmaceutical development support
         •  Development and validation of analytical methods (including but not limited to high performance liquid chromatography, gas phase method, gas headspace injection method, etc.)
         •  Development of on-line control and content analysis methods
         •  Raw material test
         •  Impurity distribution spectrum
         •  Impurity separation and characterization
         •  Characterization of degradation products
         •  Compatibility test of raw and auxiliary materials
         •  Study on influencing factors and forced degradation
Release testing of APIs and preparations
         •  Related substances and content analysis
         •  Solvent residue, moisture, heavy metals, burning residue, loss on drying, work product standardization, COA formulation
         •  Accelerated and long-term stability study
         •  Structural identification of impurities and degradation products  
Overview of analytical instruments
The analytical laboratory is equipped with LC-MS, Agilent, Shimadzu and thermo high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detector, UV detector, evaporative scattering light detector and differential refraction detector, gas chromatography with headspace injection and automatic direct injection, gas chromatography with hydrogen flame ion detector and thermal conductivity detector, polarimeter and melting point instrument, Mettler Toledo high-precision electronic balance, UV analyzer, Swiss Wantong automatic potentiometric titrator, Swiss Wantong Karl Fischer moisture tester and other advanced instruments and equipment can carry out chromatographic analysis and physical and chemical detection required for drug research and development.

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