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Equipment repairman

Equipment repairman

Equipment repairman

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【Duty station】Bengbu, Anhui
【Number of recruits】2
【Job description】
1. Be responsible for equipment maintenance in the workshop and complete various tasks on time.
2. Familiar with dynamic and static equipment in chemical industry, able to deal with faults;
3. Familiar with mechanical assembly essentials, able to understand equipment assembly drawings;
4. Master the repair and maintenance of centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, multi-stage pump, compressor and other equipment, and be able to complete equipment maintenance independently;
5. Maintain the Charter equipment according to the maintenance plan to eliminate equipment defects;
6. Responsible for the transfer of raw materials;
7. Complete other work assigned by the leader.
【Job requirements】

1. High school degree or above, major in Electromechanical, chemical engineering and other related majors, aged 25-60;
2. At least 2 years working experience in chemical production and maintenance;
3. Loving and dedicated, able to work overtime and bear hardships;
4. Welder certificate or fitter certificate;
5. Hardworking, subject to management, strong hands-on ability, with a certain team spirit;
6. Have forklift license.



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