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Synthesis Center

Synthesis Center

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UTO pharmaceutical has an independent process R & D laboratory and pilot workshop, equipped with advanced R & D and pilot production equipment. The process R & D team is composed of R & D personnel and professionals with rich industrialization experience and rich project transfer experience. It can realize the seamless transfer and docking of the project with project engineers, quality assurance and workshop technicians, Ensure that the process R & D can fully meet the needs of customers. The company has rich experience in the development of new API process and new crystal form, and has successfully challenged foreign API process patents and crystal form patents. The process R & D services we provide include but are not limited to:
         •  Design, selection and development of production routes
         •  Evaluation and optimization of amplification process
         •  Evaluate key process operating parameters according to QBD (quality by design)
         •  Process optimization to reduce costs and improve output
         •   The process was optimized according to DOE (design of experiment) and ovat (one variable at a time) experimental design
         •  Hazard and process safety assessment
         •  Scale up in kilogram laboratory and pilot workshop
         •  Large scale production of high value-added intermediates and registered raw materials from kilogram level to ton level
         •  Salt forming screening
         •  Study on Polymorph
         •  Documentation and technology transfer, including CTD support
Overview of synthesis center instruments
The process development laboratory is equipped with magnetic and mechanical stirrer with temperature control system, 1 ~ 100L double-layer jacketed glass reactor, 2-50l rotary evaporator, high and low temperature circulating pump in the range of - 120 ~ 150 degrees, autoclave, photochemical reaction equipment and other instruments and equipment.

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