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Purchasing Supervisor / Manager

Purchasing Supervisor / Manager

Purchasing Supervisor / Manager

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【Duty station】Shanghai
【Number of recruits】1
【Job description】
1. Strictly implement various procurement systems, and have the awareness of continuous optimization of procurement process or supplier management system;
2. Be responsible for the filing management of various procurement contracts and agreements, and have basic legal review knowledge of contract terms;
3. According to the R & D and production plan, formulate the material demand and procurement plan and budget, and monitor the implementation of the plan and the use of materials   Supervision;
4. Regularly sort out and update the risk level of materials, and timely analyze and effectively track high-risk materials;
5. Timely adjust the stock preparation strategy and purchase according to the R & D and production plan, purchase delivery date, inventory and other requirements;
6. Set safety stock for materials in different procurement cycles, timely monitor material inventory level and timely arrival rate, feed back and continuously improve and optimize the process;
7. Make inquiry and negotiation through price comparison or competitive bidding, and strive to reduce the procurement cost;
8. Control all procurement processes to ensure that the cost details are clear and correct;
9. Lead the selection and service evaluation of suppliers to ensure that they meet the requirements of relevant system documents;
10. In case of any abnormality in the purchase process, report to the superior in time and put forward suggestions to solve the problem.
【Job requirements】

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, pharmacy, biology and other related majors;
2. At least 3 years purchasing experience in pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, chemicals or pharmaceutical equipment is preferred;
3. Be familiar with various procurement platforms and channels in the industry, and be good at identifying the authenticity of information;
4. Strong communication and coordination skills, clear thinking and quick thinking;
5. Able to work under pressure, strong sense of responsibility, positive and serious working attitude;
6. Have good professional quality and strictly keep confidential information such as supplier data and purchase price;
7. Have some team management experience.



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